Please inform your server of any food allergies. All of our food may contain traces of peanuts and/or other allergen products. 
Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. 
Items and prices are subject to change without notice.

                                       Salad & Appetizers                                                

A1  Deep fried Spring Rolls (2 rolls)                                                      $ 4.99                                                                                                                                                                                           A1

    • Ground chicken, taro, shitake mushrooms, mixed vegetables & glass noodle      

A2  Deep fried shrimp rolls (4 pieces)                                $ 5.99

  • Marinated tiger shrimps     

A3 Deep fried Vegetable Spring Rolls (2 rolls)                    $ 4.99


  • Taro, shiitake mushrooms & mixed vegetables & glass noodle

A4 Mango  Salad                                                                    $7.506.55                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A4

  • Fresh mango, onion, mint, bell peppers and cashew nuts with fish sauce

A5 Edemame                                                                           $4.99

  • Fresh steamed soybeans sprinkled with sea salt    

A6 Crispy Wontons with Sweet and Sour   Sauce             $ 8.50

  •      Shrimp and coriander filled                                                                 


A7 Crispy Chicken Wings (8 pieces)                                    $8.50

  • Deep fried breaded chicken wings


A8 Satay Chicken (3 skewers)                                             $6.99                                           $  

  • Chicken breast served with peanut  sauce


A9 California Lettuce Wrap                                                     $ 9.99

  • Chicken breast delicately flavoured in hoisin sauce with crunchy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A 9  
  •  vermicelli in fresh lettuce wrap                        

A10 Deep Fried Calamari                                                 $9.99                                               

  • Salt and pepper served with sweet & spicy sauce 

 A11     Deep Fried Egg rolls  with Plum Sauce (2 rolls)         $ 2.95

  •  bean spout, carrot, celery, cabbage  and pork                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A10  

A22   Fresh Shrimp Roll (2 rolls )                                                  $5.99

  •  served with Hoisin sauce

A23   Fresh Vegetable Roll ( 2 rolls )                                           $ 4.99

  • served with hoisin sauce      
A24    DUMPLINGS (6 pieces)                                                     $4.99

       .    steamed pork




S1 Tom Yum Goong Soup (spicy)                                     $ 6.50


  • Tiger shrimps, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, mushrooms, chili,
      lemon juice & Tomato                                                                                                                                                              

S2 Tom Yum Kai Soup (spicy)                                              $5.99                                                             S1

  • Chicken breast, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, mushrooms, chili, lemon juice & tomato

S3 Tom Yum Vegetable Soup (spicy)                                  $4.99

  • Vegetables, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, mushrooms, chili, lemon juice & tomato  

S4 Hot & Sour Soup(more spicy)                                     $4.99                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Tofu, egg,  black fungus, bamboo shoots & shiitake  mushrooms                                                                                                        S5   

S5 Wonton Soup                                                                            $5.99

  • Shrimp filled wontons in the house special stock    

S6 Tom Kha Goong Soup (a little spicy)                                            $6.50                                 

  • Spicy coconut  soup with tiger shrimps & mushroo

S7 Tom Kha Kai Soup (a little spicy)                                                $5.99

  • Spicy coconut soup with chicken & mushroom                                                  

S8 Tom Kha Vegetable Soup(a little spicy)                                    $4.99

  • Spicy coconut soup with vegetables &  mushroom                                                                                                                                                S9

S9 Chicken Corn Soup                                                                $5.50     

  • Chicken, cream of corn & egg

S10 Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup                                                   $8.99       

  • Crab meat, fish maw & egg         

S11  Pork Wonton Soup                                                                 $4.99

  • pork filled wontons in the house special stock                                                                                             S10



Thai Noodles                                   

TN1 Famous Pad Thai

  • Thai rice noodles in lime juice, tomato sauce & tamarind. All Pad Thais are served with tofu, egg, roasted peanuts, bean sprouts & coriander            

House   (tiger shrimps & chicken)                              $11.99

Vegetables                                                                     $9.99     

Beef or Chicken                                                            $10.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)           $14.99

TN2 CurryPad Thai  (spicy)                                                                                                                                TN1

  • Thai rice noodles in the house curry sauce. All curry Pad Thais are served with tofu, egg, roasted peanuts,

          bean sprouts and coriander

House            (tiger shrimps & chicken)                    $11.99

Vegetables                                                                   $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                           $10.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)          $14.99

TN3 Thai Basil Spicy Noodle (spicy)

  • Thick rice noodles with basil leaves, eggplant, onion & bean spouts

House      (tiger shrimps & chicken)                         $12.99

Vegetables                                                                  $ 9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                          $10.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)         $14.99 

Thai Rice                                                             

TR1 Thai Red Curry (spicy)

  • Red curry paste with coconut milk cooked with fresh herbs, eggplants, tofu & vegetables served with rice

House (tiger shrimps & chicken)                             $12.99 

Vegetables                                                                  $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                         $11.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)        $14.99

TR2 Thai Green Curry( more spicy)

  • Green curry paste with coconut milk cooked with fresh herbs, eggplants, tofu & vegetables served with rice

House  (tiger shrimps & chicken)                          $12.99

Vegetables                                                                $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                       $11.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)      $14.99 

RICE PLATERS                                                                                           

  • All rice platters are served with premium steamed jasmine rice. For take out ( If you don't like steam rice, you want to get  full container etra $3 for vegetable or $4 for meat. 0r $5 for shrimp)
  • Substitution Options:
  • Plain Fried Rice                               $4.50                                    Vegetable Fried Rice            $4.50
  • Chicken Or Beef Fried Rice           $5.50                                   Shrimps Fried Rice                 $6.50
  • Pad Thai Noodles                            $4.50                                   Coconut Sticky Rice               $3.99

R1 Sauteed Black Bean Sauce(a little spicy)

  • Stir-fried mixed vegetables, onion & pepper with an aromatic & delicate black bean sauce

Vegetables and Tofu                                                  $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                          $10.99      

Tiger shrimps                                                             $13.99

Seafood scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps           $14.99

R2 Sauteed Satay Sauce(spicy)

  • An exotic blend of dry shrimps, chilli, garlic, shallots & pineapple

Vegetables and Tofu                                                $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                        $10.99

Tiger Shrimps                                                          $13.99

Seafood scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps         $14.99

R3 Sauteed Thai Sauce (spicy)                                                                                                                              

  • Thai chilli bean paste & onion in Thai sauce

Vegetables and Tofu                                                 $9.99                     

Beef or Chicken                                                         $10.99          

Tiger Shrimps                                                            $13.99

Seafood scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps          $14.99

R4 Thai Stir-Fried Chicken in Spicy Mango Sauce (spicy)         $11.99

  • Lightly breaded chicken, fresh mangoes, Spanish onions and peppers sautéed with house special mango sauce

R5 Sweet & Sour Chicken                                                             $11.99        

  • Lightly breaded chicken glazed with sweet & sour sauce, pineapple & bell peppers

R6 General Tao Chicken(spicy)                                                      $11.50

  • Lightly breaded chicken, peppers & mixed vegetables in General Tao sauce

R7 OrangeChicken(spicy)                                                             $11.99                                                                                                                                                                                                                       R5                    

        Made with orange peel and freshly squeezed orange juice                             

R8 Cashew Nut Chicken(spicy)                                                     $11.50

  • Sliced chicken breast in Thai special sauce with cashew nuts

R9 Fried Rice

  • Stir-fried rice (all fried rice dishes are prepared with eggs)

Seafood (scallop, calamari & tiger shrimps)                  $13.99                                                            R7

Shrimps                                                                    $11.99

Yeung Chow BBQ pork & shrimps                                   $11.99           

Beef                                                                                      $10.99

Chicken                                                                                $10.99

Vegetables                                                                           $9.99

R10 Thai Royal Castle                                                                $14.99

  • Tiger shrimps, chicken, pineapple & cashew nuts                                                                                     R10

R11 Stir fried ground chicken with eggplant in black bean sauce $11.99

R12 Sesame Chicken  (spicy)                                                                $11.50

  •   lightly breaded chicken peppers & mixed vegetables with sesame seed
R13  KUN Bao Chicken (spicy)                                                               $11.50
            lightly breaded chicken, peppers & vegetables with kun bao sauce

 R14  Malaysian fried rice (very spicy)                                                    $ 11.99

            spicy fried rice with chicken and shrimps sauce 

Vietnamese Pho                                                                                        

  • All Pho are served with bean spouts & basil leaves

V1 Pho Saigon                                                                            $9.50      

  • Rare beef, well-done beef brisket, beef balls & thick rice noodles

V2 Pho seafood                                                                          $12.99

  • Tiger shrimps, calamari, scallops, & thick rice noodles

V3 Chicken Noodle Soup                                                         $8.99

  • Chicken  bread                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       V1                     V4  Wonton Noodle Soup                                                          $9.50          
  • Shrimp wonton with egg noodle

V5 Vegetable Noodle Soup                                                       $8.50

  • Mixed vegetables

Chinese Noodles                                                                                       

C1 Chow Mein                 

  • Authentic Chinese style crispy egg noodles in a garlic & onion sauce

Cantonese    (tiger shrimps, BBQ pork, beef, chicken, calamari & vegetables)   $13.99

Vegetables                                                                         $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                                $11.99

Tiger Shrimps                                                                    $13.99   

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)               $14.99


C2 Shanghai Noodle (spicy)  

  • Thick wheat noodles stir-fried in house special sauce      

Vegetables                                                                       $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                               $10.99

Shrimps                                                                           $11.99   

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)              $14.99

C3 Singapore Vermicelli (spicy)                                                                                                                            C2

  • Thin rice noodles stir-fried in the house curry paste & egg           

Vegetables                                                                        $9.99                 

Beef or Chicken                                                                $10.99

BBQ Pork & Shrimps                                                        $11.99

Shrimps                                                                              $11.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)                $14.99

C4 Stir-fried ‘Ho Fun’

  • Rice noodles in a dry style mushroom soya sauce                                                                                                C3

Vegetables                                                                       $9.99        

Beef or Chicken                                                              $10.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)              $14.99

C5 ‘Ho Fun’ in Black Bean Sauce(spicy)

  • Rice noodles in an aromatic black bean sauce

Vegetables & Tofu                                                           $10.99                                                                       C4

Beef or Chicken                                                               $11.99  

Tiger Shrimps                                                                   $13.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)               $14.99

C6 ‘Ho Fun’ in Satay Sauce(spicy)

  • Rice noodles in a blend of dry shrimps, chilli, garlic, shallots, pineapple

Vegetables & Tofu                                                             $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                                 $11.99

Tiger Shrimps                                                                     $13.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)                 $14.99

C7 ‘Ho Fun’ in Thai Sauce(spicy)

  • Thick rice noodles in an authentic Thai sauce

Vegetables & Tofu                                                             $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                                 $11.99    

Tiger Shrimps                                                                     $13.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)                $14.99                                                            C8

C8 Lo Mein Noodles

  • Stir-fried soft egg noodles cooked in oyster sauce   

Vegetables                                                                          $9.99         

Beef or Chicken                                                                  $10.99

Shrimps                                                                               $11.99

C9 Udon Noodles       

  • Udon noodles cooked in teriyaki sauce with sesame

Vegetables                                                                         $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                                 $10.99 

Shrimps                                                                   $11.99                                                                 C9

Chef Signature Dishes                                                                              

W1 Black Pepper Fillet of Beef Flank (spicy)                                        $13.99

  • Stir-fried beef flank seasoned with freshly ground black pepper served on a bed of baby spinach

W2 Thai Style Tiger Shrimps(spicy)                                               $13.99   

  • Stir-fried tiger shrimps in a spicy Thai Sauce

W3 Stir-Fried Seafood with Vegetables                                       $14.99 

  • Tiger shrimps, calamari, scallops & fresh garden vegetables

W4 Stir-Fried broccoli with Beef or Chicken or BBQ Pork        $11.99

  • Stir-fried with broccoli and garlic in oyster sauce                                                                                          W1

W5 Thai Style Stir-Fried Purple Eggplant & Tofu (spicy)             $11.99    

  • Thai sauce blended with chilli, onion & sweet pepper

W6 Thai Mango Chicken & Tiger Shrimps(spicy)                         $14.99                                                                           

  • Harmonious blend of sweet citrus juice with a tangy mango sauce

W7 Thai Basil Mango Beef & Tiger Shrimps                              $14.99

  • Stir-fried mangoes with baby bok choy, red peppers & onion in a fusion Thai sauce                                       W6 

W8 Mussels in Black Bean Sauce(spicy)                                       $11.99     

  • Stir-fried New Zealand mussels with pepper & onion in black bean sauce 




W9 Sweet & Sour Chicken Ball  not include rice                             $10.99         

        ( 10 pices chicken ball with sweet & sour sauce)


W10 Breaded Shrimps not include rice                                  $14.99                                                                                                   

  • deep fried shrimps with sweet & sour sauce                

W11  Mixed Vegetable with Garlic Sauce not include rice  $9.99


W12 Sweet & Sour pork not include rice                  $11.99


W15 Grill Salmon steak                                                   $12.99

       (Teryaki sauce on the grill salmon steak & broccoly served with jasmine rice)

W16 Stewed Pork Ribs                                                         $11.99

       ( with vegetable served with steamed rice)

W18 Lemon Chicken                                                          $11.99

       deep fried chicken with lemon sauce served with steamed rice

W19 Almond Soo Gai                                                         $11.99

       deep fried chicken with brown gravy served with steamed rice




D1 Deep Fried Banana

     with honey                                                               $4.99

     with ice cream                                                         $5.99            


D2 Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango                  $5.99