Must-try spicy Thai food

Mango King: Must-try spicy Thai food 

Thai cuisine is famous for its spicy flavour. Many love to eat various Thai dishes because of the different spices and ingredients mixed which results in a mouthwatering combination. Here is the top must-try spicy Thai food that is perfect for your adventurous spirit. Get to know what these are by checking out this list below. 

Gaeng Tai Pla

This is known to be extremely spicy so it’s a challenging dish that not many people can handle. Gaeng Tai Pla is a Thai-styled curry that uses the following ingredients: 

  • Dried chillies
  • Galangal
  • Turmeric
  • Kaffir leaves
  • Fermented fish innards
  • Fish 
  • Pumpkin
  • Eggplant
  • Yardlong beans
  • Bamboo shoots 

Som Tam 

A spicy papaya salad dish in Thailand is called Som Tam. Since the unripened papaya has a tangy taste, it serves as a great mixture with salt, lime juice, fish sauce, coconut sugar and fiery hot chillies. 

Moreover, it is a healthy dish that has a touch of sweetness. With its balanced flavours, it results in an intensely spicy dish that both locals and tourists enjoy.  

Tom Klong Pla Grab 

Tom Klog Pla Grab may seem like any other soup dish because of its slight transparent brown colour but it is spicier than it seems. This is a perfect dish if you want to try something different from the usual, and it’s highly recommended by many Thai locals. 

This has a mixture of sour and spicy flavours which uses two main ingredients such as the dried fish and dried chillies. Also, it uses these other elements such as: 

  • Galangal
  • Kaffir leaves
  • Lemongrass

Tom Yum Kung

Tom Yum Kung is a well-loved soup dish in Thailand. It uses fried chilli and chilli paste as its base. Along with galangal and lemongrass, this cuisine is fit for brave souls. With its reddish-orange colour, it can already show just how spicy it can be. 

Its taste can leave your entire body feeling the heat and can even give you an unexpected energy boost. 

Khao Pad Nam Prik Narok

Khao Pad Nam Prik Narok means ‘fried rice with chilli paste from hell’ which may seem intimidating but it has a satisfying taste that can leave your mouth wanting for more. This is made with sun-dried chillies being pounded in a mortar and pestle along with the following ingredients: 

  • Garlic
  • Palm sugar
  • Shrimp paste
  • Pieces of fish 

Afterwards, the spicy combination is fried with the rice and then served. It has an intense chilli flavour but unleashes that daredevil in you when you take a bite. 

Enjoy spicy Thai cuisine in Mango King 

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