Please inform your server of any food allergies. All of our food may contain traces of peanuts and/or other allergen products. Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Items and prices are subject to change without notice.

Spring Rolls/ Salad & Appetizers                                                            

A1  Deep fried Spring Rolls (2 rolls)                                                      $ 4.99                                                                                             

  • Ground chicken, taro, shitake mushrooms, mixed vegetables & glass noodle        

A2  Deep fried shrimp rolls (4 pieces)                                $ 5.99

  • Marinated tiger shrimps     

A3 Deep fried Vegetable Spring Rolls (2 rolls)                    $ 4.99

  • Taro, shiitake mushrooms & mixed vegetables & glass noodle

A4 Mango  Salad                          $ 7.50  

A5 Edemame                                                                           $4.99

  • Fresh steamed soybeans sprinkled with sea salt    

A6 Crispy Wontons with Sweet and Sour   Sauce             $ 8.50

  •      Shrimp and coriander filled                                                                 

A7 Crispy Chicken Wings (8 pieces)                                    $8.50

  • Deep fried breaded chicken wings


  • Chicken breast served with peanut  sauce

A9 California Lettuce Wrap                                                     $ 9.99

  • Chicken breast delicately flavoured in hoisin sauce with crunchy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A 9  
  •  vermicelli in fresh lettuce wrap                        

A10 Deep Fried Calamari                                                 $9.99                                             

  • Salt and pepper served with sweet & spicy sauce 

 A11     Deep Fried Egg rolls  with Plum Sauce (2 rolls)         $ 2.95

  • bean spout, carrot, celery, cabbage  and pork                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A10

A22   Fresh Shrimp Roll (2 rolls )                                                  $5.99

  • served with Hoisin sauce

A23   Fresh Vegetable Roll ( 2 rolls )                                           $ 4.99

  • served with hoisin sauce      

A24DUMPLINGS (6 pieces) $4.99
       .    steamed pork


S1 Tom Yum Goong Soup (spicy)                                     $ 6.50

  • Tiger shrimps, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, mushrooms, chili,  lemon juice & Tomato                                                                                                                                                              

S2 Tom Yum Kai Soup (spicy)                                              $5.99                                                            S1

  • Chicken breast, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, mushrooms, chili, lemon juice & tomato
  • Vegetables, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, mushrooms, chili, lemon juice & tomato  

S4 Hot & Sour Soup(more spicy)                                     $4.99                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Tofu, egg,  black fungus, bamboo shoots & shiitake  mushrooms                                                                                                        S5   

S5 Wonton Soup                                                                            $5.99

  • Shrimp filled wontons in the house special stock    

S6 Tom Kha Goong Soup (a little spicy)                                            $6.50

S7 Tom Kha Kai Soup (a little spicy)                                                $5.99

  • Spicy coconut soup with chicken & mushroom                                                  

S8 Tom Kha Vegetable Soup(a little spicy)                                    $4.99

  • Spicy coconut soup with vegetables &  mushroom                                                                                                                                                S9
  • Chicken, cream of corn & egg

S10 Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup                                                   $8.99       

  • Crab meat, fish maw & egg         

S11  Pork Wonton Soup                                                                 $4.99

  • pork filled wontons in the house special stock                                                                                             S10

Thai Noodles                                   

TN1 Famous Pad Thai

House   (tiger shrimps & chicken)                              $11.99

Vegetables                                                                     $9.99     

Beef or Chicken                                                            $10.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)           $14.99

TN2 CurryPad Thai  (spicy)                                                                                                                                TN1

  • Thai rice noodles in the house curry sauce. All curry Pad Thais are served with tofu, egg, roasted peanuts,

          bean sprouts and coriander

House            (tiger shrimps & chicken)                    $11.99

Vegetables                                                                   $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                           $10.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)          $14.99

TN3 Thai Basil Spicy Noodle (spicy)

  • Thick rice noodles with basil leaves, eggplant, onion & bean spouts

House      (tiger shrimps & chicken)                         $12.99

Vegetables                                                                  $ 9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                          $10.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)         $14.99 

Thai Rice                                                             

TR1 Thai Red Curry (spicy)

  • Red curry paste with coconut milk cooked with fresh herbs, eggplants, tofu & vegetables served with rice

House (tiger shrimps & chicken)                             $12.99 

Vegetables                                                                  $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                         $11.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)        $14.99

TR2 Thai Green Curry( more spicy)

  • Green curry paste with coconut milk cooked with fresh herbs, eggplants, tofu & vegetables served with rice

House  (tiger shrimps & chicken)                          $12.99

Vegetables                                                                $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                       $11.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)      $14.99 

RICE PLATERS                                                                                           

  • All rice platters are served with premium steamed jasmine rice. For take out ( If you don’t like steam rice, you want to get  full container etra $3 for vegetable or $4 for meat. 0r $5 for shrimp)
  • Substitution Options:
  • Plain Fried Rice                               $4.50                                    Vegetable Fried Rice            $4.50
  • Chicken Or Beef Fried Rice           $5.50                                   Shrimps Fried Rice                 $6.50
  • Pad Thai Noodles                            $4.50                                   Coconut Sticky Rice               $3.99

R1 Sauteed Black Bean Sauce(a little spicy)

  • Stir-fried mixed vegetables, onion & pepper with an aromatic & delicate black bean sauce

Vegetables and Tofu                                                  $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                          $10.99      

Tiger shrimps                                                             $13.99

Seafood scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps           $14.99

R2 Sauteed Satay Sauce(spicy)

  • An exotic blend of dry shrimps, chilli, garlic, shallots & pineapple

Vegetables and Tofu                                                $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                        $10.99

Tiger Shrimps                                                          $13.99

Seafood scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps         $14.99

R3 Sauteed Thai Sauce (spicy)                                                                                                                              

  • Thai chilli bean paste & onion in Thai sauce

Vegetables and Tofu                                                 $9.99                     

Beef or Chicken                                                         $10.99          

Tiger Shrimps                                                            $13.99

Seafood scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps          $14.99

R4 Thai Stir-Fried Chicken in Spicy Mango Sauce (spicy)         $11.99

  • Lightly breaded chicken, fresh mangoes, Spanish onions and peppers sautéed with house special mango sauce
  • Lightly breaded chicken glazed with sweet & sour sauce, pineapple & bell peppers

R6 General Tao Chicken(spicy)                                                      $11.50

  • Lightly breaded chicken, peppers & mixed vegetables in General Tao sauce

R7 OrangeChicken(spicy)                                                             $11.99                                                                                                                                                                                                                       R5                    

        Made with orange peel and freshly squeezed orange juice                             

R8 Cashew Nut Chicken(spicy)                                                     $11.50

  • Sliced chicken breast in Thai special sauce with cashew nuts

R9 Fried Rice

  • Stir-fried rice (all fried rice dishes are prepared with eggs)

Seafood (scallop, calamari & tiger shrimps)                  $13.99                                                            R7

Shrimps                                                                    $11.99

Yeung Chow BBQ pork & shrimps                                   $11.99           

Beef                                                                                      $10.99

Chicken                                                                                $10.99

Vegetables                                                                           $9.99

R10 Thai Royal Castle                                                                $14.99

  • Tiger shrimps, chicken, pineapple & cashew nuts                                                                                     R10

R11 Stir fried ground chicken with eggplant in black bean sauce $11.99

R12 Sesame Chicken  (spicy)                                                                $11.50

  •  lightly breaded chicken peppers & mixed vegetables with sesame seed

R13KUN Bao Chicken (spicy)               $11.50            lightly breaded chicken, peppers & vegetables with kun bao sauce R14Malaysian fried rice (very spicy)         $ 11.99
            spicy fried rice with chicken and shrimps sauce 

Vietnamese Pho                                                                                        

  • All Pho are served with bean spouts & basil leaves
  • Rare beef, well-done beef brisket, beef balls & thick rice noodles

V2 Pho seafood                                                                          $12.99

  • Tiger shrimps, calamari, scallops, & thick rice noodles

V3 Chicken Noodle Soup                                                         $8.99

  • Chicken  bread                                                                                                                                                                                                            V4  Wonton Noodle Soup                                                          $9.50          
  • Shrimp wonton with egg noodle

V5 Vegetable Noodle Soup                                                       $8.50

  • Mixed vegetables

Chinese Noodles                                                                                       

  • Authentic Chinese style crispy egg noodles in a garlic & onion sauce

Cantonese    (tiger shrimps, BBQ pork, beef, chicken, calamari & vegetables)   $13.99

Vegetables                                                                         $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                                $11.99

Tiger Shrimps                                                                    $13.99   

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)               $14.99


C2 Shanghai Noodle (spicy)  

  • Thick wheat noodles stir-fried in house special sauce      

Vegetables                                                                       $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                               $10.99

Shrimps                                                                           $11.99   

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)              $14.99

C3 Singapore Vermicelli (spicy)                                                                                                                            C2

  • Thin rice noodles stir-fried in the house curry paste & egg           

Vegetables                                                                        $9.99                 

Beef or Chicken                                                                $10.99

BBQ Pork & Shrimps                                                        $11.99

Shrimps                                                                              $11.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)                $14.99

C4 Stir-fried ‘Ho Fun’

  • Rice noodles in a dry style mushroom soya sauce                                                                                                C3

Vegetables                                                                       $9.99        

Beef or Chicken                                                              $10.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)              $14.99

C5 ‘Ho Fun’ in Black Bean Sauce(spicy)

  • Rice noodles in an aromatic black bean sauce

Vegetables & Tofu                                                           $10.99                                                                       C4

Beef or Chicken                                                               $11.99

Tiger Shrimps                                                                   $13.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)               $14.99

C6 ‘Ho Fun’ in Satay Sauce(spicy)

  • Rice noodles in a blend of dry shrimps, chilli, garlic, shallots, pineapple

Vegetables & Tofu                                                             $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                                 $11.99

Tiger Shrimps                                                                     $13.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)                 $14.99

  • Thick rice noodles in an authentic Thai sauce

Vegetables & Tofu                                                             $10.99

Beef or Chicken                                                                 $11.99    

Tiger Shrimps                                                                     $13.99

Seafood (scallops, calamari & tiger shrimps)                $14.99                                                            C8

C8 Lo Mein Noodles

  • Stir-fried soft egg noodles cooked in oyster sauce   

Vegetables                                                                          $9.99         

Beef or Chicken                                                                  $10.99

Shrimps                                                                               $11.99

C9 Udon Noodles       

  • Udon noodles cooked in teriyaki sauce with sesame

Vegetables                                                                         $9.99

Beef or Chicken                                                                 $10.99 

Shrimps                                                                   $11.99     

Chef Signature Dishes                                                                              

W1 Black Pepper Fillet of Beef Flank (spicy)                                        $13.99

  • Stir-fried beef flank seasoned with freshly ground black pepper served on a bed of baby spinach
  • Stir-fried tiger shrimps in a spicy Thai Sauce

W3 Stir-Fried Seafood with Vegetables                                       $14.99 

  • Tiger shrimps, calamari, scallops & fresh garden vegetables

W4 Stir-Fried broccoli with Beef or Chicken or BBQ Pork        $11.99

  • Stir-fried with broccoli and garlic in oyster sauce                                                                                          W1
  • Thai sauce blended with chilli, onion & sweet pepper

W6 Thai Mango Chicken & Tiger Shrimps(spicy)                         $14.99                                                                           

  • Harmonious blend of sweet citrus juice with a tangy mango sauce

W7 Thai Basil Mango Beef & Tiger Shrimps                              $14.99

  • Stir-fried mangoes with baby bok choy, red peppers & onion in a fusion Thai sauce                                       W6 

W8 Mussels in Black Bean Sauce(spicy)                                       $11.99     

W9 Sweet & Sour Chicken Ball  not include rice                             $10.99         

        ( 10 pices chicken ball with sweet & sour sauce)

W10 Breaded Shrimps not include rice                                  $14.99                                                                                                 

  • deep fried shrimps with sweet & sour sauce                

W11  Mixed Vegetable with Garlic Sauce not include rice  $9.99

W12 Sweet & Sour pork not include rice                  $11.99

W15 Grill Salmon steak                                                   $12.99

 (Teryaki sauce on the grill salmon steak & broccoly served with jasmine rice)

W16 Stewed Pork Ribs                                                         $11.99

       ( with vegetable served with steamed rice)

W18 Lemon Chicken                                                          $11.99

       deep fried chicken with lemon sauce served with steamed rice

W19 Almond Soo Gai                                                         $11.99

       deep fried chicken with brown gravy served with steamed rice

DESSERTD1 Deep Fried Banana     with honey                                                               $4.99     with ice cream                                                         $5.99            

D2 Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango                  $5.99   

Mango King Thai and Viet Cuisine Menu

Welcome to Mango King, home of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine in Kitchener, Canada. Please browse through the menu and see if there is anything you’d like to try. These dishes are made with authentic recipes from the oriental regions of the world brought here to Canada by passionate chefs. 

Reminder for People with Allergies or on a Strict Diet

Oriental dishes from Mango King are often made with peanuts, crustaceans, and other allergen products. The staff is aware that allergies to such ingredients are common amongst the populace of Kitchener. Please tell the server immediately if you have such conditions. They will guide you through the menu for amazing options or suggest changing a recipe just for you.

Spring Rolls, Salad & Appetizers

This section includes products that are great for appetizers, snacks, or light meals. The true oriental meal experience, however, is having them as a side dish to complement the main course.

Deep-Fried Spring Rolls

There are three versions but all of them are wrapped in a wheat wrapper, stuffed with fillings, then deep-fried. Those fillings include the following.

House Special Spring Rolls – $4.99/2 rolls

  • Filled with chicken, taro, shiitake mushrooms, vegetables, and glass noodles.

Deep-Fried Shrimp Rolls – $5.99/4 rolls

  • 4 pieces of tiger shrimps marinated in a house-special savoury sauce.

Deep-Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls – $4.99/2 rolls

  • Includes taro, shiitake mushrooms, mixed vegetables, and glass noodles.

Deep-Fried Egg Rolls 

Egg rolls look like spring rolls but there is a big difference. For starters, egg rolls are thicker and crunchier. They are also dipped in egg mix for a rich flavour. Likewise, they have three versions and they are all deep-fried.

House Special Egg Rolls – $2.95/2 rolls

  • Contains bean sprout, carrot, celery, cabbage, and pork served with plum sauce.

Fresh Shrimp Roll – $5.99/2 rolls

  • Contains freshly baked shrimp meat and served with hoisin sauce.

Fresh Vegetable Rolls – $4.99/2 rolls

  • Has mixed vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, and taro then served with hoisin sauce.

Mango Salad – $7.50

  • Slices of fresh green mango topping a bed of onion, mint, bell peppers, and cashew nuts.  It is served with fish sauce for dipping.

Deep-Fried Calamari – $9.99

  • Squid body sliced into rings then marinated in salt and pepper. Breaded and deep-fried before serving on a platter with sweet & spicy sauce.

California Lettuce Wrap – $9.99

  • Tender chicken breast flavoured delicately by hoisin sauce and wrapped in crunchy vermicelli. It is then wrapped in lettuce before serving.

Crispy Chicken Wings – $8.50/8pcs

  • Deep-fried breaded chicken wings served on a platter. 

Satay Chicken – $6.99/3 skewers

  • Chicken breast skewered, marinated, and grilled before being served on a plate with peanut sauce.

Dumplings – $4.99/6pcs

  • Ground pork marinated in hoisin sauce wrapped in rice wrapper then steamed to cook. 

Edamame – $4.99

  • Fresh soybeans marinated in sea salt and boiled to cook.


Soup meals are some of the most iconic Eastern cuisines. These work great as side dishes for one’s meal but some may be filling enough to feed a person with a small appetite.

Tom Yum Goong Soup – $5.99

  • This is a spicy soup with filling ingredients such as tiger shrimps, mushrooms, and tomato chunks. Flavourings include lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, chilli, and lemon juice. 

Wonton Soup – $5.99

  • The word ‘wonton’ refers to the dumpling so there are filling dumplings floating in the soup bowl. These are the main source of the flavour while the vegetables and lemongrass included help enhance it. The dumplings are made from shrimp meat and a Mango King secret in-house ingredient. 

Chicken Corn Soup – $5.50

  • A simple soup made from chicken broth, cream of corn, and egg.

Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup – $8.99

  • It is as simple as the chicken soup but it is made with crab meat, fish maw, and egg.

Hot and Sour Soup – $4.99

  • This is the spiciest dish on the menu! It includes tofu, bamboo shoots, and shiitake mushrooms as the filling ingredients. Egg and black fungus are added for the texture. Flavour comes from a special in-house recipe.

Thai Noodles

Thai noodles are the most iconic meals that everyone remembers from walking around the streets of Bangkok. Mango King brings that experience here in Kitchener! 

The Base Recipe

The base recipe dictates the flavour and texture of the noodles. There are two spicy recipes and the classic option is the only Pad Thai that is not. There are different varieties of the Pad Thai as indicated below but all of them are served with tofu, egg, roasted peanuts, bean sprouts, and coriander. 

Famous Pad Thai

The famous Pad Thai is the classic Thai noodle recipe that dominates the street food industry of the East. It is made with rice noodles flavoured with lime juice, tomato sauce, and tamarind.

Curry Pad Thai

This is a spicy recipe which uses Mango King’s original curry sauce. It still uses lime juice, tomato sauce, and tamarind for its flavour but it now comes with a more faithful blend to the Southeast Asian taste. 

Thai Basil Spicy Noodles

Unlike the other two, this item is made with thick rice noodles. The flavours come from a bold and spicy variant of basil which is a signature herb for Thai cuisines. The dish also comes with eggplant, onion, and beansprouts.

Pad Thai Filling

The options below are the choices for the meat or filling that will be used for the Pad Thai. These options dictate the prices of each serving so please enjoy and choose freely. 

House – $11.99

Classic recipe with tiger shrimps and chicken meat.

Vegetables – $9.99

Uses mixed vegetables as filling. It includes wombok, zucchini, carrots, and green onions.

Beef or Chicken – $10.99

Customers may choose between all-beef or -chicken as the meat of the Pad Thai.

Seafood – $14.99

Includes a mix of scallops, calamari, and tiger shrimps. This is a very luxurious combination. 

Thai Rice

Eastern countries are mostly known for rice meals but Southeast Asia is also known for its use of curry. Thai rice is a traditional meal that is cooked by steam then cooked together with curry. Mango King has two versions and those are red and green curry rice! Both recipes involve curry paste cooked with coconut milk, fresh herbs, eggplants and vegetables. Tofu is optional.

Thai Rice Filling

Just like Pad Thai, the customer may choose a filling for their Thai Rice. The items below dictate the price of the meal served. 

House – $12.99

House recipes include tiger shrimps and chicken meat served together with the Thai Rice. 

Mixed Vegetables – $10.99

Mixed vegetables are stir-fried cauliflower, green onions, carrot, and wombok.  

Beef or Chicken – $11.99

This is an all-meat filling option and the customer may choose between beef or chicken. 

Seafood – $14.99

Similarly to the Pad Thai options, seafood include scallops, calamari, and tiger shrimps. 

Vietnamese Pho

Pho is the national dish of Vietnam. It consists of broth, rice noodles, and meat. Its flavour is mostly dependent on the broth and herbs. All pho is served with bean sprouts and basil leaves. 

Pho Saigon – $9.50

The meat is some slices of rare beef and well-done beef brisket. It also contains beef balls to add both meat and flavour to the soup. Rice noodles must be thick.

Pho Seafood – $12.99

Just like Pho Saigon, it uses thick rice noodles as it is a very flavourful dish. It contains an assortment of tiger shrimps, calamari, and scallops.

Chicken Noodle Soup (Pho Ga) – $8.99

Not to be confused with the Western chicken noodle soup made with pasta and cheesy cream. The Vietnamese Pho Ga is made with slender rice noodles, chicken broth, and fish sauce. Herbs used include coriander, star anise, and cloves.

Wonton Noodle Soup – $9.50

Wonton noodle soup uses wheat noodles and golden broth as the base. The fillings include spinach and wonton made from tiger shrimp meat. It also has an egg for the thickness of the soup.

Vegetable Noodle Soup – $8.50

Vegetable noodle soup is a very straightforward recipe. It uses golden broth, basil, and cilantro as flavourings then it has wheat noodles. The filling is sauteed mixed vegetables.

Today Special

The Today Special menu often only includes a few items. Sometimes there are only three but other days there are five. These items change every day and they are determined by the season, festivities, and personal preferences of the staff. Mango King is updated with the ever-changing availability of supplies in the market. 

You can contact  Mango King to ask about specials for the day before visiting. Better yet, customers may call and request for tomorrow’s or next week’s menu! There are plenty of amazing Thai and Vietnamese cuisines that are not regularly served at Mango King. This is the best way to explore more oriental dishes!

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