LUNCH COMBOS      FROM 11:00 am UNTIL 3:00 pm

(No delivery for lunch combos)

(Take out lunch combos charge 50 cents for boxes)

  • COMBO1: Pho Saigon Noodle Soup  $9.00   
  • COMBO2: Chicken Fried Rice, Tom Yum Soup & a Roll  $10.50
  • COMBO3: Beef Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup & a Roll  $10.50
  • COMBO4: Red Curry Chicken with Rice. Tom Yum Soup & a  Roll   $11.50
  • COMBO5: General Tao Chicken with Rice, Tom Yum Soup & a  Roll  $10.99

FAMILY DINNER SPECIALS                                                                                          

*PS: No Steamed Rice. All full container of food in Family Dinner. .


 Chicken Balls (4)

 Chicken Fried Rice

 Bean Sprouts



 Egg roll (1)

 Chicken Fried Rice

 Sweet & Sour Pork


DINNER FOR 2       

Spring Rolls (2)

Chicken Chow Mein

Chicken Fried Rice  



Spring Rolls (3)

Sweet & Sour Pork

Beef Pad Thai

Chicken Fried Rice   



Spring Rolls (4)

Orange Chicken

Beef Chow Mein

Chicken Broccoli

Chicken Fried Rice 



Spring Rolls (6)

Pad Thai House 

Chicken Fried Rice

Sweet & Sour Pork

General Tao Chicken

Mix Vegetables Garlic Sauce

Thai Style Tiger Shrimps                                         $74.99 

Party Trays:

– Medium size for 5 people 

– Large size for 10 people 

Please call to ask for the prices.

Mango King Specials and Combos

Welcome to Mango King, the home of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine in North America. Mango King is so far from home but rest assured that all of its dishes are authentic! You can experience tastes that are only possible by roaming the streets of Bangkok and Hanoi! 

Just to clarify, there is a huge difference between Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Mango King is not a place that blends both worlds into one place for original recipes. It is a meeting place that takes the classic recipes of dishes from both countries and brings them together on the same menu! There are plenty of things to clear up such as the following:

The Difference Between Original and Classic Recipe

First and foremost is clarifying the difference between the original and classic. If a restaurant says that the recipe is original, it means that it is the Chef’s twist on an existing dish. Saying that a dish is classic-style means that it is made using traditional ingredients and cooking methods. 

It is common for authentic oriental restaurants, such as Mango King, to have original sauce to be used as a secret ingredient. However, the recipe for the dish in its entirety is undoubtedly based on the classic style of preparation! 

Thus, Mango King is a restaurant for classic-style Thai and Vietnamese dishes that use secret, original ingredients! It offers Canadian customers the authentic Thai and Viet cuisine while also standing out from its competitors.

The Difference Between Thai and Vietnamese Cuisine

Mango King is not offering Thai and Vietnamese cuisine because they are similar. Far from it. The restaurant wishes to offer the best dishes from two different countries for the people of Canada! 

One question may come to mind: how are these two oriental cuisines different from each other? The answer is a lot more surface-level than one might expect. It is easy to mistake the two for Western citizens but the answer is clear for those who know how to cook.

The first difference is the taste. Vietnamese food tends to have a milder scent and taste than Thai dishes. Hanoi—the capital city of Vietnam—is in the northern part of the country near China and the largest body of Laos. 

Vietnamese dishes tend to have mild tastes for their warm soups similar to Chinese and European cuisines. This can be attributed to the French occupation of the Northern regions of the country. The foreigners brought asparagus, potatoes, and bread.

Meanwhile, Thai dishes tend to use strong flavours such as curry and spicy peppers. They have many similarities with cuisines from neighbouring South Asian countries like India who also uses large amounts of curry powder and other spices. 

The most obvious differences between Thai and Viet dishes involve how spices are used. In Thai cuisine, spices are included in the cooking process. They are embedded in the dish with no means of separating the flavours. Tourists coming to Thailand may assume that ‘Thai people love spicy food’ because of this. Most restaurants, like Mango King, ask the customer about the spice level of their dish when taking orders. 

Vietnam dishes, however, do not include strong flavourings in the recipe. The goal of a Viet chef is to enhance the savoury flavour instead of overpowering it with spicy. They do also use chili like the Thai. However, these flavourings are served as a seasoning that diners have the option of including similarly to salt and pepper. 

Another notable difference is how vegetables are prepared for most dishes. Vietnamese tend to simmer or mildly sautee their vegetables but Thai prefer to thoroughly cook them by stir-frying. The same can be said for spring rolls. Vietnamese tend to serve them cold where the rice wrapper is steamed before the rolls are refrigerated then served cold. Thai prefers to have them deep-fried.

Similarities Between Thai and Vietnamese Cuisine

After clarifying that Thai and Viet cuisines are different from each other, one might wonder why Mango King serves both in the same restaurant. The truth is that both cuisines use very similar ingredients. This is why many people in the West cannot tell them apart. 

First is that both countries have rice which can be served steamed or fried. Both countries also make use of rice noodles. Mango King uses rice or wheat noodles for many of its dishes Pad Thai and Pho. The difference is that Thai cuisines often include stir-frying rice noodles while Viet dishes have them boiled.

Another similarity is the kinds of vegetables and herbs used by both countries. The most popular ones include basil, cilantro, lemongrass, and broccoli. There is also the use of spinach and wombok or Chinese cabbage. Seafood dishes are also abundant in both countries. Mango King usually uses their shrimp dishes for most of its seafood-based items.

Mango King also includes Chinese cuisines in its menu from fried rice to noodles. They also benefit from the same set of ingredients including sesame seeds and soy sauce. Vietnamese dishes tend to be more similar to French than Chinese but there is some adoption over the years since China is just north of its capital city. Thailand may be far away but it had good trading relationships with China in ancient times. 

Original Dishes in Mango King

Mango King specializes in classic recipes of Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. However, it is also the best place for the chef to explore new and original recipes that they could call their own! Many of these will be featured in the daily specials of the restaurant. If they are no longer on the menu by the time you visit, feel free to make a request that is ‘off the menu’. The ingredients used are always available in the restaurant as these specials are inspired by Thai and Viet cuisines, as well!

Special Deals from Mango King

Mango King would like to offer the people of Canada not only the best oriental dishes but also the greatest way to experience them. These are lunch combos and family dinner specials! Part of the authentic Southeast Asian experience is bargain deals! Here’s your chance to enjoy the taste of Thailand and Vietnam for a discounted price and curated service!

Lunch Combos at Mango King

The Mango King menu may seem extensive and daunting for newcomers to Thai and Viet cuisines. Don’t worry because Mango King offers lunch combos. Each of these offers includes an item on the menu plus free drinks. 

What’s more, these combos are discounted! Lunch combo discounts are only active between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. Price returns to normal during any other time of the day. Here are some of the combos customers may order:

Combo 1: Pho saigon noodle soup with drink for $9.00

Combo 2: Chicken fried rice, tom yum soup & one spring roll for $10.50

Combo 3: Beef pad thai, tom yum soup & one spring roll for $10.50

Combo 4: Red curry chicken with rice, tom yum soup & one spring roll for $11.50

Combo 5: General tao chicken with rice, tom yum soup & one spring roll for $10.99

Family Dinner Specials

Family Dinner Specials are active throughout the day at Mango King! These include multiple items to be served together at once for a discounted price. It also simplifies the process of ordering for the party so there is less time spent on choosing and more time for eating! Some of them are for individual persons while others are for large groups! Here are the options:

Dinner for 1a: $10.99

  • Four chicken balls
  • One chicken fried rice
  • And bean sprouts 

Dinner for 1b: $10.99

  • One egg roll
  • One chicken fried rice
  • One sweet & sour pork 

Dinner for 2: $24.99

  • Two spring rolls
  • Two chicken chow mein
  • Two chicken fried rice 

Dinner for 3: $34.99

  • Three spring rolls
  • One sweet & sour pork
  • One beef pad thai
  • Three chicken fried rice 

Dinner for 4: $48.99

  • Four spring rolls
  • One orange chicken
  • One beef chow mein
  • One chicken broccoli
  • One platter of chicken fried rice 

Dinner for 6: $74.99

  • Six spring rolls
  • One pad thai house
  • One chicken fried rice platter
  • One sweet & sour pork
  • One general tao chicken
  • Six serving of mix vegetables garlic sauce
  • One thai-style tiger shrimps 

Party Trays

For custom platter orders, Mango King offers medium and large party trays for any item. These can be ordered for dine-in, take out, or delivery. One medium-sized party tray is good for five people while one large-sized is good for up to 10. 

Please note that party trays are only for food that is not soup like Pho. Dipping sauce will be served in a separate tray, free of charge. The price for either size varies depending on the item. Please make inquiries by calling so the staff can answer immediately.

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